Ouch Box Toy Drive:
An ongoing collection of toys, which serve as rewards for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Trading Places:
A program of sensitivity training courses for hospital staff. The goal is to put the hospital personnel in the patient's shoes.

Patient Counseling:

KTC counsels patients on what to expect from cancer treatments

Community Outreach:

KTC works with other local community organizations to obtain items for patients. The items vary depending on the types of groups involved.

Bone Marrow Registration
At KTC we are constantly trying to raise awareness of the need for bone marrow donors. We also explain how simple it is to register. For more info online visit: and

Dream a Little Dream:
An essay contest, which awards cash prizes to patients who can best describe their $500 fantasy

Stick It to Cancer Day:

Prior to June 6th of every year, KIDS THAT CARE members sell stickers to help raise awareness of childhood cancer. On June 6th, all members wear their stickers as a show of solidarity and support for children with cancer.

Support Our Memorial & Honor Program
Do you have a special day that you want to remember? Do you need a gift for that birthday, anniversary, or special occasion? Why not give to our Memorial and Honor Program. When a Memorial or Honor gift is given, the family of the deceased, or the honoree, is notified with a letter. This letter bears your name and the name of the person memorialized or honored. You will also receive an acknowledgment for your gift. Please call us at 305-661-5629 if you would like us to send you some Memorial & Honor Program envelopes.

Kids That Care